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What Makes The Sit Stand Desk So Popular?

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Several studies, through the examination of lifestyles of most men and women have consistently proven that the people who sit for relatively long hours in their work places are more likely to die at a younger age compared to those whose work does not involve a lot of sitting. In the efforts to mitigate the health risks, ergonomic standing desks have become a mini-revolution in work places. But it’s not just in recent times that standing desks have been popular. Winston Churchill is just one of many famous writers and thinkers to use a standing desk for working.

Standing for long hours will help you remain free from all forms of body pain and soreness, in this case promoting your physical fitness, as opposed to sitting for long hours. Standing desks are specially designed to keep support desktop and laptop computers. In order to position them the right way, the preferable standing desks for computers, as well as the sit-stand desktop stands have the ability to adjust their height. This helps to create as well as promote a healthy working environment.

Prolonged sitting has several negative health implications which most people think that they can be alleviated by hitting the gym regularly, going for a run, or jogging. However, the strenuous exercises that usually take a short time will not effectively counter the harmful effects caused by the long hours spent on office chairs. Long sitting hours increases the risk of heart disease for up to 64% since the sitting position usually makes the blood to flow more sluggishly. Long sitting hours is also associated with a higher risk of cancer, muscle strain injury, type two diabetes, as well as lower rates of metabolism.

Benefits of a Sit Stand Desk

Considering all these health issues, researchers have continually suggested the use of a sit stand desk, especially in workplaces, as a healthier and safer alternative to sitting. A standing desk will elevate your laptop or your desktop computer to considerable height. This will give you a comfortable and an easier way to access your workstation in a standing position.

Adjustable keyboard and mouse trays are the best way out for an apt position of hands according to the height of your desk. A portable laptop-standing desk comes in handy, as it is also easily transferable from one location to another. Standing desks have also become popular since they promote easy body movement. This is important especially to a person who takes regular meals. If sitting for long hours usually lowers your metabolism rate, standing for long hours will be worse. A standing desk stool will help regulate the blood flow inside the body.

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Sit Stand Desk Features

Since everybody has different heights, desks should be made in such a way that they are functional for all individuals considering their different heights. In this case, desktop computer and laptops standing desks usually come with a height adjustability knob. This will help to position the computer screen to a level that will not cause strain to your eyes. A fixed height-standing desk will save a few extra dollars but it will not be worth it in the long run.

Portable standing desks for laptop users are also available. These also come with adjustability features that enable you to elevate the screen by height adjustments as well as tilting it to your most appropriate levels. Desktop computer users popularly look for a secure platform to put their keyboard and mouse. Separate ergonomic platforms for both the keyboard and the mouse are preferable as the help to maintain a proper posture while standing.

Portable standing desks have also become an ideal choice for those workers who move frequently between offices, or those who need to move to different office locations. A standing desk that can move with you is a great idea for those who work in different locations. Additionally, most of these ergonomic tables can support both desktop and laptop computers.

There are also several varieties of portable sit stand desks to choose from. For those who prefer to type directly to their laptops, there are simple portable desks that elevates it, and provide screen angle adjustment options.

In order to incorporate more standing as well as movement in the office, many office workers are now switching to part-time and also full-time standing desks. Although it is commonly a cumbersome and expensive investment, they are a worthy investment. A sit stand desk promotes a healthy lifestyle for workers and therefore promote their output in the long-run.


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