Choosing a Standing Desk

Why Use A Standing Desk And What To Look For

It may seem like a new fad, however, it has been around for much longer than you may think. In fact, major historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, and Leonardo Da Vinci all used standing desks. Nobody would dare question the success of such individuals or doubt their productivity! It is interesting also that in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries standing desks were quite common among the wealthy.

The Benefits Of Working At A Standing Desk

Today standing desks have been rediscovered, and with good reason. When used in the right way the health benefits are numerous. This is especially true when you take into the equation the health risks of sitting at a desk most of every day.

wooden standing desk

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It is no secret that the modern sedative lifestyle that most of us seem to be forced to live is killing us. The rise of obesity, heart problems, and high cholesterol are just a few of the problems that commonly result. Many of these can be counter fought simply by standing at a desk instead of sitting for long hours.

Studies have shown that people who work at a standing desk have an average of about ten more heartbeats per minute than those who work sitting down. This results in about 20 more calories being burned per hour. If you multiply this by at least a few hours a day you will be surprised how many more calories you can burn while working.

Prolonged periods of sitting — either at a desk or on a couch — have been proven to cause metabolism problems, higher risk of diabetes, higher risk of heart disease, and obesity. One Canadian study even concluded that long periods of sitting widely effected the mortality rate of average individuals.

All of this having been said, a standing desk is definitely worth a try. Most people that work at a desk all day decide to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. So, you are probably wondering how to choose a standing desk, the next section will give you some helpful advice.

What To Look For In A Standing Desk

Of course the type of desk that is ideal for you will depend on your build and the type of work that you perform. If you work with a laptop and on the telephone you will not really need much space up high. If, however, you work drafting, drawing, or painting you may need quite a bit more space. Fortunately there are all types of desks out there to choose from. Once you decide how much space you need you will need to decide what features you would like.

One main feature is height adjustment. The most simple and cheap desks are at fixed height, there are also desks that can be adjusted. Adjustable desks are nice since you can alternate between sitting and standing by adjusting the height when you need to sit for a while.

If you choose an adjustable standing desk you will need to decide how to adjust it. The most popular — also the most expensive — are electrical ones. Electrical ones are once since they are very easy and fast to adjust. Another popular option is cranking ones, which are also quite easy to adjust.

Varidesk-pro-plus stand up desk

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Whichever you choose, it is important that you adjust it to the right height. The best option is to keep the keyboard at the same height or slightly lower than your elbows. You should be able to get close enough to the keyboard that your arms do not have to be pushed forwards, which could cause back strain. Your monitor should ideally be about two feet from your face and high enough for you to not have to tilt your head.

There are even fitness desk out there to choose from, some of which have a treadmill to walk on while you are working, others have a bicycle seat and pedals underneath to pedal while working. These are also worth looking into as they keep your blood flowing and provide numerous physical and mental benefits.

Whichever option you choose you surely will not regret having tried working at a standing desk. Most that try it never want to go back to a sitting desk. So why not get started today designing your own standing workplace!

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