The Benefits Of Using A Standing Desk

In today’s world, health issues take precedence. Everything we do tends to have an aspect of health considerations. After all, many of us if not all are after a long and healthy life.

Traditionally office ergonomics have entailed a desk and a chair where you sit and do your work, sometime for as many hours as 8 to 12 in a day. This, according to research is not a good thing. A lot of research has been conducted over the years on the effects of your body being in a persistent stationary state. Clear indications have emerged that it is not only unhealthy but a risk factor aiding some diseases and condition. Some even refer to sitting as a disease.

Another important factor to take note of is that the cumulative effects of persistently sitting down have no direct remedies. Among the effects is ones posture. Over time, persistent stationary posture while you sit down have an adverse effect on your overall posture. This tends to be somewhat permanent.

So what can be done to change things? Well, the only reasonable way to deter this is by standing up. Since sitting is the problem, make use of a different working posture by standing up. However, standing while working at the office sounds like an ergonomic challenge to many people; and it can be. Handling tasks like typing on a computer for some time while standing is no easy fit.

Another question arises for those who want to draw the health benefits of standing while remaining productive at the office. How do you get work done while standing?

hemingway standing desk

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One particular way to come out with a win-win situation is using a standing desk. The popularity of standing desks has been on the rise with recently. However, standing desks have been in existence for a long time. As far back as when United States of America was founded, the desk was in use. Benjamin Franklin for instance was an avid user of standing desks desks as was the writer Ernest Hemmingway.

Standing desks are basically furniture that is made for purposes for reading or working while standing up. There are many versions and variations of that exist. One notable version of the desk is an architect’s desk which is used by architects and cartographers to draft drawings.

The Benefits Of Standing Desks Over Regular Desk

Modern standing desk are designed and equipped for proper office working ergonomics. For instance, some of the desks have adjustable stands. This feature enables you to adjust the height of the desk to the most optimum for your height. This gives the right posture while working.

Another benefit of having adjustable stands is that when your legs feel tired and numb, you can adjust the height of the table by lowering it and us a stool or regular chair to sit. Although standing has a lot of benefits, prolonged standing can cause various veins. It is better to alternate between standing and sitting down.

Some Of The Health Benefits Using Standing Desk Instead Of Regular Desks

There are many reported benefits of standing instead of sitting. Here are some others.

Standing Desks Can Help In Weight Loss

Weight loss is a function of the amount of calories you take in and the amount of calories you spend. The more you spend calories as compared to taking them in, the more you lose weight. Sitting down slows metabolism by a third and causes ineffectiveness in glucose regulation over time which may cause a condition known as metabolic syndrome. This shows that while standing up, you loss more weight and enhance weight loss by burning more calories.

Standing Desk Might Reduce The Risks Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Increasing metabolic function of the body help you to keep fit. As health benefit of standing up, you increase the metabolic rate in your body and consequently lower the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack as well as blood clots (thrombosis).

Reduces Type 2 Diabetes

adjustable height standing desk NZ

Adjustable height standing desk – image

As mentioned earlier, you are at risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome if you tend to sit for extended periods of time. This condition is an aiding factor in the occurrence of Type-2 diabetes. As a way of dealing with and deterring it from happening, you should consider using a standing desk while at the office. This improves on the glucose regulation and metabolism as well.

Reduced Risk Of Obesity From Standing Desks

By increasing your metabolism by standing up while working you reduce the risk of suffering from obesity by burning of the excess calories.

Increases Productivity By Increasing Alertness

Standing up gets rid of the slap in productivity experienced during the day. As the day wears of, you attention and alert levels reduce drastically. By standing up you increase your alert level and of course your productivity.

All these benefits culminate to lower long term mortality rates. Reduced instances of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity help to increase the length of life in a healthy and safe manner.

Better health with a standing desk

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